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About Ryan Drewianka

Individual Therapist in Eagan, MN


Hey there!

I'm Ryan Drewianka.

I’m passionate about supporting young adults who are emerging from narcissistic family systems by helping them discover their voice, realize their inherent worth, and forge their own purpose in life.


In particular, my heart is drawn to folks who are emerging from a narcissistic family system or recovering from a narcissistic parent. I also really enjoy providing therapy to those that feel plagued by the suffocating feeling of imposter syndrome.


How my passion developed

Having fallen prey during my childhood to the belief that “I need to handle this by myself,” my own young adult life was defined by self-doubt, shame, and fear, and attaching my self-worth to what I could accomplish and gain.

The thought of, “There’s got to be more than this!” was a daily occurrence. When I worked to discover my voice, untether my self-worth from external factors, and forge my own purpose in life rather than focus on the needs of others, the following thought was, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” 


In retrospect, I had believed the only way I could do it was alone.

To learn more about how my passion developed, check out this blog post.


How I live out my passion as a therapist

I don’t want others to have to feel isolated as they wrestle with beginning a career, establishing independence from their family of origin, or exploring more about who they are.


As a result, my mission as a therapist is to support folks in developing loving relationships with themselves, allowing authentic connections with others to flourish and a more purposeful life to blossom.


How I help others

​I believe we're all in an ever-evolving process of development, and that life transitions, such as the shift through young adulthood, can often evoke deeper fears, insecurities, and shame. When we don't have support these feelings can manifest in many forms of anxiety and related challenges.

I want to support folks in gaining awareness and insight into how they had learned to cope with adversity in childhood and how those same dynamics may be getting in their way now.

I want to help create a space for folks to foster compassion and self-love, and use those gifts to brighten the world around them.

I want to help my clients shift their perspectives so they can authentically believe in their capabilities.

Toward that end, I provide individual therapy services through Telos Counseling as a pre-licensed professional in partnership with Aslan Institute in Eagan, MN.

As a pre-licensed professional, I work under the supervision of Lyndall Johnson, MA, LP while I pursue my independent Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) credentials in Minnesota.

Experience & Education

2022 - Present

Owner and psychotherapist at Telos Counseling at Aslan Institute.

2020 - 2022

Clinical Trainee at a local mental health agency doing in-home and outpatient therapy.


Master of Arts in Counseling and Psychological Services from Saint Mary's University of MN.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Iowa State University.

2018 - 2020

Mental Health Associate working in the psychiatric and emergency departments of a local hospital.

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