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Mind Palace: A D&D-Based Counseling Group

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Mind Palace is a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)-style counseling group that utilizes a tabletop roleplaying format to engage clients in group therapy. Clients will identify goals, translate them into a character along with strengths and growth areas, and play through a fictional campaign in collaboration with peers. Campaigns will be facilitated by Vaughn Foster at Polyrhythmic Arts and Ryan Drewianka at Telos Counseling.

The foundational system that Mind Palace utilizes is called Critical Core, which is heavily influenced by D&D 5e gameplay. Critical Core is an empirically validated tabletop roleplaying game created by Game to Grow, and was developed collaboratively by therapists, psychologists, educators, and individuals on the autism spectrum.

In Critical Core's own words, "Players build social confidence, communication and collaboration skills, develop frustration tolerance, emotional resilience, and caring for others, all while rolling dice and having fun."

- Critical Core

Mind Palace Group #1

Who: High School Students (other age groups may be offered based on interest -- stay tuned!)

What: Closed therapy groups of five individuals

  • The peers you start the group with are the same peers you end the group with

When: 10am, Saturdays, September 10 - October 29

Where: TBD

Why: Do we need a reason other than it's fun?!

In all seriousness, counseling groups utilizing Dungeons & Dragons, in addition to other tabletop roleplaying games like it, have been shown to be effective in treating symptoms associated with depression and anxiety, as well as increasing the following:


  • Social skills

  • Communication skills

  • Conflict-resolution skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Self-expression

  • Creativity

Price: $70 per 1.5-2 hour session (8 sessions for $560)*

As consistent participation is critical for Dungeons & Dragons, as well as any closed counseling group in general, we want to motivate clients by offering a 20% discount if paid in full ($112 value).

*Sliding scale payment options are available if needed. Any debit/credit card accepted, including HSA and FSA cards!

Let's Roll Some Dice!

Contact either Vaughn Foster ( or Ryan Drewianka (fill out the form below) with any questions or to get signed up for Mind Palace!

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