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Therapy for Imposter Syndrome

Creating a space where you can believe in your capabilities.

You may have arrived here if you:
  • Feel like you’re a fraud in your work or school setting and are anxious about being “found out”

  • Discount your successes, or feel guilty for having earned them

  • Underestimate what you can accomplish, yet feel like others overestimate your capabilities

  • Become extremely uncomfortable when receiving praise or recognition

  • Resist asking for help or accepting assistance

However you arrived here, I'm glad you came. Read on to see if my therapy services for imposter syndrome might help you.

You might protect yourself from the fear of being inadequate by engaging in the opposite: perfectionism.

You might feel like you’re deceiving those around you, as if you're not good or smart enough. These feelings may act like a roadblock, preventing you from making the decisions in your life that could bring more freedom or joy. 


You may notice your self-talk being full of criticism or shame, like your mind is a broken record that’s stuck on past mistakes.


Even though logically you might know that getting someone’s help could make things better, your emotions might win by convincing you that asking for help is a weakness that would only prove to them that you don’t know what you’re doing. 


If this sounds like you: you need a space where you are allowed to celebrate your capabilities, gifts, and contributions to the world.

I honor everything that you bring to this world.

Imposter syndrome has a way of penetrating our core beliefs about ourselves, and I help you hold a space where those beliefs can be gently challenged. From that space I help you to learn more about who you really are so that you can feel confident in your own skin.

With this foundation of self-love and confidence, you and I can work to change the relationships you have with success, mistakes, and failure. I can help you truly integrate the fact that no human being is perfect. And that that’s okay. 


When we accept that mistakes happen to all of us and that failure can be an opportunity for growth, it can be incredibly empowering to witness the strength, talents, and capabilities that we all possess.


These gifts are what allow us all to make the world a better place than when we found it.


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