Ryan Drewianka

Psychotherapist at Telos Counseling

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Through personal experience of having taken the "long way" toward exploring my own mental health, I realized that it wasn't the "long way" at all -- it was the unsupported way.

Life is hard. Especially right now. Especially when you're trying to simply make it through high school, nearing the end of college and trying to figure out what the rest of your life is "supposed" to look like, or working 60-hour weeks getting through graduate school. Worried thoughts are overtaking your mind; your motivation is at its lowest; you have trouble sleeping, or can't even get out of bed; you're feeling lost, trapped, or that you'll never make the "right" decision.

You don't need to suffer alone. Let me support you through your challenges as you discover for yourself how much you can learn with somebody else's help. 

Individual Therapy

High School Students

Challenges with self-esteem, confidence, and self-identify are extremely common in this age group, as are symptoms of depression and anxiety.


You're trying to figure out who you are and where you belong, all while navigating a world that adults designed for you.


College Students

You know a bit more about who your are and what you want, but what do you do with that information? Is your path authentic to who you really are?


As a young adult, you're potentially experiencing the most freedom with the least amount of responsibility you've ever known -- where do you want that to guide you?


Graduate Students

You may have discovered what your purpose is... but balancing work, class, internship, and some semblance of a social life while trying to squeeze in some sleep may not be the easiest experience.


It's common to feel stressed, lost, overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious when facing these circumstances.




Feelings of excessive and uncontrollable worry, either generally or regarding a specific thing; panic attacks; perfectionism; persistent thoughts of "what if?"


Feelings of extreme sadness or hopelessness; daily fatigue; loss of interest in your favorite things; poor sleep; abnormal eating habits; thoughts of suicide or self-harm.

Stress and Burnout

Responsibilities may have gotten to the point where they've exceeded your ability to cope. You're feeling overwhelmed, or perhaps have negative attitudes toward your work.

Life Transitions

As humans, we get used to patterns and routines; they keep us safe. When something significant shifts in our lives, sometimes we don't know how to shift along with it.

Sense of Self

How would you describe your personality? Your values? What do you believe in, and what motivates you? What do you currently need, and where didn't you receive it? 

Career Exploration

Many people find their sense of purpose in their career. What matters to you? What are your strengths and interests, and how can you apply them?

Rates and Payment

Initial Consultation:

Collaboratively determine if my skills and expertise align well with your mental health needs and goals.


  • 30 minutes: Free!

Intake Session

The first session after a consultation. Broad assessment of your symptoms and behaviors, presenting concerns, mental and physical health history, and treatment planning.

  • 60-90 minutes: $175

Standard Sessions

Frequency can be collaboratively determined based on intensity and severity of symptoms, treatment goals, and resources.

  • 50 minutes: $125


I do not accept insurance at this time; however, I do offer a sliding scale fee. I can also accept HSA or FSA cards -- which are tax-advantaged ways of paying for healthcare! -- as well as any debit or credit card. Schedule a consultation to get started!


Let's Chat!

I'd love to answer any of your questions, or to help you schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see if we'd be a good fit to work together! 

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