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Telos Counseling Eagan, MN

Online Therapy for Young Adults with Anxiety

Discovering your inherent worth.

Overcoming imposter syndrome.

Healing from narcissistic abuse.

Hey there! I'm Ryan Drewianka.

I'm the owner and therapist of Telos Counseling, working in partnership with Aslan Institute in Eagan, MN.

I’m passionate about empowering young adults who have long felt small or believed that they’ve had little to offer, by helping them discover their voice, realize their inherent worth, and forge their own purpose in life.


As we leave our families of origin to explore our own path of independence, it’s not uncommon to feel plagued by self-doubt, inadequacy, or anxiety. I want folks to know that not only is there no need to feel shame about these challenges, you don’t have to work through them alone!


I want to help you connect with the younger part of yourself to heal wounds of shame, foster self-love, and discover the joy and meaning in life you deserve.

Services Anchor

Therapy for Narcissistic Abuse

If you were raised by someone who never seemed to validate you or let you shine in the spotlight:

I help you process unresolved shame and guilt to discover the inherent worth you’ve always possessed.

Telos Counseling Services

Online individual therapy for young adults who are either:


Recovering from a narcissistic parent or relationship.


Not feeling like they're smart enough or skilled enough to succeed in work or school.

Find out how I can help reduce feelings of anxiety by clicking the adjacent links, or contact me with any questions. I hope to see you soon!


Imposter Syndrome

If you feel like you’re one misstep away from being discovered as a fraud at work or school:

I help you identify and shift your core beliefs about yourself to bolster your self-identity and confidence.

Let's Chat!

Book a free 15-minute phone call to see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

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