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Individual Therapy


Discover your voice and recognize the inherent worth you've always possessed.

Individual Therapy


Experiencing pain is inevitable but that doesn’t mean we have to let it become unnecessary suffering. Much of our unnecessary suffering stems from unconscious beliefs that we’ve been strengthening in unawareness since our early childhood.


“But,” you might ask, “how do we change these beliefs if we're unaware of them?”


Amazing question, future potential client! Because the answer to that question is: individual therapy.


Even if you’re aware of some of the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, or dynamics that get in your way, discussing them in therapy can change how you relate to them. You may gain insight to a piece of your True Self that could only stand to benefit you.


As the adult child of a narcissistic parent, you may notice some of these experiences that might just seem like second nature to you:


  • The internal “voice” of your parent criticizing you in some way.

  • Feeling like no one knows the real you – maybe not even yourself.

  • An external sense of self-worth (your job or creative hobbies).

  • Being a perpetual people-pleaser.

  • Finding yourself involved with partners whose attitudes and behaviors resemble those of your narcissistic parent(s).


Situations like these (among many more) can easily lead to unnecessary suffering. With individual therapy, it’s possible to unburden yourself from the unmet needs of your childhood.

What is Individual Therapy?


Individual therapy is a deeply powerful and intimate relationship with a therapist where you can feel safe and comfortable exploring your inner world and its effects on your outward experiences.


I believe the goal of individual therapy is to increase conscious awareness of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and unmet childhood needs in a way that empowers present-day choices to be made in alignment with the True Self (rather than the child-led Masked Self). 


Making choices in this way allows us to act with authenticity and live up to our full potential.

How Can Individual Therapy Help?

Individual therapy can help folks with the following (in addition to other great benefits!):


  • Learn and practice strategies to help manage stress and anxiety.

  • Discover your core values and guiding principles in life.

  • Gain an understanding of your emotions and unmet needs.

  • Become aware of what you assign your worth to as a human being.

  • Feel empowered and confident.

  • Experience life with a sense of gratitude, presence, love, and connectedness.


When you increasingly notice improvements in these facets of your life, you’ll naturally begin to observe shifts in your mindset toward work, minor annoyances, and even people who might normally grind your gears. You may notice your close relationships feeling more loving and fulfilling. A new sense of purpose might make your hobbies or projects feel more invigorating.

You no longer need to be driven by the unconscious steering wheel of your past; you can begin to make your future whatever you want it to be.

For more information on therapy rates and accepted insurance plans, please visit Fees & Insurance. For folks interested in utilizing insurance to pay for therapy services, I encourage you to become familiar with your insurance plan before getting started. 

Ready to Begin?

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