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Therapy for Adult Children of Narcissists

Helping you transcend childhood emotional trauma.

You may have arrived here if you:

  • Often find yourself abandoning your own needs in favor of someone else's.

  • Feel constantly on edge and wary of others' emotions for fear of setting someone off.

  • Have a tendency to automatically blame or shame yourself.

  • Struggle with self-doubt, or questioning your own perceptions or judgments from years of having your experiences denied.

However you arrived here, I'm glad you came. If you feel like you might've been raised in a narcissistic family or struggle with a narcissistic parent, read on to see if my services may help.


As the survivor of a narcissistic parent, it may have sometimes felt like you weren't exactly their child, but instead an extension of them for their own purposes.

Whenever you tried to exercise independence it may have quickly been met with guilt, shame, or even put downs or insults. Maybe being at home felt like walking around on eggshells. You could've quickly learned that focusing on their needs instead of your own was the easiest way to feel safe.


Fast forward several years and now you're independent! But now you might be noticing even stronger feelings of guilt for trying to focus on starting your own life.


Even in personal relationships you notice yourself putting them first at the cost of your own wellbeing. Maybe you're even finding that many of your personal relationships resemble the narcissistic traits of a parent in your family.


Whenever conflict arises you may find yourself staying in the shadows or trying to be the peacemaker. This might have led you to feeling plagued by self-doubt or fear of judgment, or worried about stepping on peoples' toes at work or school.

If this sounds like you: you need a space where you can explore your own needs and self-love without having them be dependent on a single thing.

I welcome your authentic self unconditionally.

I believe that you were not at fault for the ways in which others treated you. I believe that the ways you learned to cope were simply strategies to keep yourself safe.


I help you hold a space where you can find compassion for both yourself and those with narcissistic traits.


From this space I help you process any shame, guilt, or doubt, and provide you with support as you forge new boundaries. With ever-increasing awareness comes agency, choice, confidence, and joy.


Curious To Learn More?

Book a free 15-minute phone call to see if we'd be a good fit to work together.

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